CNX Transaction Partners identifies potential target companies that are already for sale as well as off-market companies. The following process is driven by securing the long term success of your acquisition.

1. acquisition strategy and criteria

  • overall strategy
  • acquisition criteria
  • requirements for targets
  • Composing acquisition / investment profile

2. target identification and search

  • identification of on-market Targets through network of intermediaries (e.g. other M&A boutiques)
  • identification of off-market Targets through network of senior advisors, industry experts, databases etc.
  • Composing of longlist
  • First analysis basis on public information
  • composing shortlist

3. target approach and LOI

  • composing of target-specific equity story
  • (possibly anonymous) approach of targets
  • valuation based on first company information
  • submitting letter of intent (LOI)

4. due diligence and valuation

  • management presentations
  • coordination of purchaser due diligence (legal, financial, tax, environment etc.
  • possibly conducting commercial due diligence
  • detailed valuation (e.g. synergies, business plan purchase price, risks)
  • submitting binding offer

5. operative planning and integration

  • planning of operative collaboration
  • detailed planning of integration
  • planning of management structure and governance

6. negotiation and closing

  • structuring and securing financing of purchase price
  • structuring of transaction
  • design of contract
  • negotiations
  • signing
  • closing
  • purchase price payment

after the completion of our project

After our collaboration you will have…