verkauf von unternehmen

A structured and competition-oriented sales process leads to a higher sales probability with the purchaser that is most attractive to the seller.


1. M&A strategy and approach

  • analysis status quo
  • strategic goals of the company
  • synchronization of shareholders
  • requirements to buyer / investor
  • definition of approach
    • involvement management
    • communication
    • timing

2. positioning and documentation

  • positioning
    • market and competition
    • technology
  • preparation of documentation
    • business plan
    • short profile
    • information memorandum
    • (electronic) data room


3. approach of potential buyers

  • composing longlist
  • selection shortlist
  • anonymous approach buyer / investor
  • executing confidentiality agreements
  • distribution information memorandum to interested buyers / investors

4. offers and due diligence

  • invite indicative offers
  • selection of best candidates
  • management presentations and company visits
  • coordination due diligence / data room management with specialists (lawyers, tax advisors, accountants)

5. negotiation, signing and closing

  • structuring of negotiations
  • structuring of transaction
  • design of contracts
  • negotiations
  • signing
  • closing

After the completion of our project

after our collaboration…

  • you and your company are optimally prepared for a corporate sale
  • potentials are strengthened and possible risks are identified and eliminated
  • your company is well positioned with a strong equity story for a corporate sale
  • you have found the best possible buyer through a structured and competition-based transaction process
  • your company is in good hands