Often a company experiences a significant increase in value in the first half of the year AFTER the acquisition by a professional buyer. We believe that owners and shareholders should benefit from our approach and experience. With preparation in collaboration with yourself, this significant increase in value can then be realized for the seller BEFORE the transaction.

CNX Transaction Partners thoroughly prepares you and your business in four steps for the sale of your business, starting with the fundamental value drivers.


We take the perspective of a buyer and thoroughly assess your company regarding obstacles, risks and potential.


An excellent financial model is the foundation to understand how your company earns its cash. In the sale process it is an important means of communication with interested parties.


The substantial growth areas of your company will be strengthened and potential other value enhancing actions will be implemented leading to a direct value increase.


Actions that lead to an immediate performance improvement and therefore to a higher valuation will be implemented in a pragmatic way. A thorough transaction preparation leads to a higher probability of success and a higher purchase price with lower risk.


higher transaction probability

  • You are well prepared, and you can react instantly when a sale opportunity occurs.
  • Risks from a buyer perspective are recognized in time and can be dealt with prior to the transaction.
  • The positioning of your company can be outlined and communicated better and more precise.
  • Stronger growth and better performance make your company attractive to a larger number of potential buyers.

higher sales price for seller

  • Sustainable improvement of growth and performance (EBITDA) lead to a higher valuation.
  • The buyer will account for fewer risks or adequate risk mitigation while filing his offer to acquire your business.

Reduced risk for seller

  • A buyer often protects himself from potential risks by means of guarantees in the purchase agreement and conditional price payments. These can be reduced or avoided by addressing them prior to the transaction.
  • A profound transaction preparation avoids surprises for seller and buyer after the closing of a transaction.
  • The buyer has a higher probability of acquiring a business matching his portfolio in the long run.
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